The Use of Drones for Security Purpose

It is not very difficult to analyze the pros and cons of using drones for security services purposes. You might be surprised to find that there is no shortage of both negative and positive views about drone usage. On the one hand, some are against its use since they see it as a potential danger to human life.

It has been widely observed that most of the terrorist attacks in the US and all over the world have been carried out by terrorists who used remote-controlled airplanes to carry out their attacks. The downsides of the drone are also many.

drones for security

The use of drones has been gradually increasing in Bangladesh keeping pace with the times. Whether it’s for security or personal reasons, it’s now a popular device. There are some legal restrictions on the use of drones in Bangladesh. But recently the Bangladesh government has brought some relaxation in the rules policy. So the use of drones in Bangladesh is increasing day by day.


According to the proponents of aerial surveillance, the use of a drone has lots of benefits. They say that it is more secure and can provide more useful data than law enforcement officials’ eyes. They use the argument that terrorists cannot make as much mischief in the sky as they can do it below the cloud layer and above it.

Some support drone surveillance since it helps catch fugitives captured terrorists, or those who have gone astray from the law. They also argue that it has made the government more efficient and effective in ensuring security and covering all country areas. All these arguments do not seem to go down well with the opponents of drone use.


The disadvantages of drones for security purposes are many. For starters, this aerial vehicle’s use poses a threat to anyone who does not follow all the necessary guidelines. This includes the permission of the person being filmed. If it becomes clear that there is no permission needed for video surveillance, then there is a big problem.

Secondly, the use of drones for security purposes is very ineffective. Yes, it helps provide aerial pictures of any area, but the same cannot be said about its other applications. It might help the authorities identify any suspicious activities taking place, but it cannot and will not identify the perpetrator.

For this reason, most private homes violate the law by recording their videos and pictures without authorization. Thus, the effectiveness of the drone for security purposes is also questionable.

Another disadvantage of using the drone for security purposes is that it is challenging to control. All the operator has to do is move the drone as and when he/she wishes to shoot at the target. It means that one has to shift the drone from its current location to the targeted spot at any time. This may result in poor shooting accuracy and hence lower chances of getting the job done. Also, if the target happens to be moving in any direction, the operator might not hit the right spot due to poor targeting.

Moreover, another major drawback of the drone is the area over which it has to fly. Privacy is a significant concern for most people. Most of the private homes do not want the drone hovering over their compound. They feel it is an invasion of privacy and an encroachment on their space. Thus, they are always opposed to the use of the drone for security purpose.

On the other hand, the drone can also be useful for enhancing security. Its presence at a selected point can help thwart the criminals who are trying to enter your compound. It can also warn you if someone is trying to break into your home. Moreover, if you detect some criminal activity at your compound, you can immediately report it to the police by pointing your drone over the area. This will make them immediately pick up the matter and apprehend the culprit.


So, this is no doubt that the drone has made life more convenient for everyone. Whether you want to use the drone for entertainment or protection purposes, this tool is undoubtedly a boon for you. However, its use should not be taken lightly as there are many disadvantages associated with it. So, it would help if you weighed the pros and cons before deciding to use the drone for your security purpose. So, go ahead and enjoy the benefits of using the new age spy and surveillance device.

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